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    The Voyage (Idee für einen düsteren Star Trek: Voyager Comic-reboot)

    Mein 2. Fanprojekt, das mir selber vor allem als Schreibübung dienen soll, ist ein Comic-reboot von Star Trek Voyager. Zumindest würde ich es liebendgerne mal als Comic sehen.

    Voyager war immer eine meiner weniger geliebten Serien, obwohl ich ein mega Trekkie bin.

    Und irgendwann begann ich mir vor meinem inneren Auge mal auszumalen wie Voyager gewesen wäre, wenn es sein Potential ausgenutzt hätte. Es gab dort so viele, tolle Ideen, die sprichwörtlich in den Weltraum gepustet wurden.

    Wenn ich da nur an das Konfliktpotential mit dem Maquis denke .

    2 Crews, sich selber extrem sekptisch, wenn nicht gar Feindlich gegenüberstehend begraben das Kriegsbeil nach gefühlten 2 Stunden und sprechen nie wieder ersnthaft über ihre Differenzen. So oder so ähnlich würde ich Voyagers Charaktere beschreiben!

    Hier nun einmal eine kurze Vorschau auf meine Vorstellung einer düsteren, konflikbehafteten Variante von Star Trek Voyager, inklsuive umbennenung.

    Ich habe das ganze in englisch geschrieben und von einem englischen Muttersprachler noch mal überarbeiten lassen.

    Star Trek : The Voyage Home
    One Ship, Three Crews, No Order and 75,000 Lightyears away from Home.

    The Voyage (Part1):

    Commander Janeway arrives on Deep Space Nine to begin her new job as first officer of Starfleet’s fastest and newest vessel: The Voyager. But before, she does a favor for her mentor and supporter, Admiral Paris. His son, the rebellious Tom Paris, is in jail on Deep Space Nine for supporting the terrorist organization known as The Maquis. Paris awaits several years in a Starfleet jail and probably not a moment without surveillance.

    He offers Janeway a deal and an opportunity to better her career. If he tells her the location of the Maquis leader Chakotay, who is responsible for many assaults on federation and Cardassian embassies as well as killing a high-profile Ex-Maquis and Maquis critical Journalist, she will help him by arranging better living circumstances in the prison. Tempted by the opportunity to compensate for her lack of field experience, Janeway accepts the deal.
    The Voyager begins its travel with tracing down Chakotays ship to the plasma nebulas called the Badlands. After they lose trace of the ship, they are gripped by a massive energy wave and everything fades out.

    Janeway wakes up. The bridge is burning. The captain and the pilot are dead. A giant hole, protected by a flickering forcefield is everything that is left of the main screen. Before Janeway fully regains consciousness, someone brings her out of the bridge just a second before the forcefield collapses and people and debris are sucked out into space.
    In the turbolift, a supporting officer informs Janeway that the Captain is dead and it is now her duty to act as leading officer.

    Outside of the ship, in a giant field of debris filled with parts from a lot of different origins, hides a small ship. Some kind of small and dirty humanoid is scanning the Voyager and seems to be very interested in “the new one“. He sets a course to explore what it is exactly.

    Janeway and the second officer are having a small argument strategizing for the situation, when they are interrupted by other crew members climbing through the Tube.

    Onboard the Voyager the crew slowly gets an overview of the situation. Officers are climbing out of the tubes. The bridge is disabled, the engineering is in a bad state, the warpcore is shut down and many decks are not reachable due to hull breaches and toxic leaks. They build an improvised command center in a cargo bay.

    Janeway has recovered relatively well. She is able to give orders but has problems finding orders to give.
    Her helplessness makes her useless for the crew. They start to ignore her and just work to save the ship.

    Tom Paris uses this opportunity to break out the brig. He gets a weapon and is ready to fight but he quickly realizes that there is no one to fight and decides to just leave the Ship. He believes they are still in the Alpha quadrant. On his way through the burning ship he saves the young Ensign Kim from a deadly threat. Kim thanks Tom by helping him to clear the way to an escape pod (without knowing that they are going to an escape pod and also without knowing who he is).

    In the escape pod area the two meet the suspicious alien from the debris field. They begin to threaten each other. However, in the moment the alien doesn’t recognize any of the technology or even the name Starfleet. They slowly realize that they’re not in the Alpha quadrant anymore.

    Paris gives up his plans to leave the ship. He and Kim capture the Alien and bring him to the command center.

    The alien introduces himself as Nelix, a garbage trader and owner of the debris outside. He is arrested, and remains guarded by some officers. Paris is also arrested, but Janeway claims that under the circumstances she is willing to listen to what he has to say, if anything useful. The second officer states that unless he comes up with some good ideas, he is worth no more than some space garbage and space garbage is floating... in space. (He shows hate because Paris is a traitor in his eyes). Janeway doesn’t like what the second officer says, but doesn’t have the strength to say it out loud. Paris clearly recognizes her weakness.

    Now the warpcore starts to cause problems. It will explode in two hours, unless they repair the cooling system before then. The cargo bay, holding replacement cooling, is unreachable. Nelix, the alien, offers a solution. He says he has a cooling system that he owns and mentions that it’s compatible with practically anything. The crew does not trust him, but Janeway orders them to work with him. Unwillingly, the crew follows the order.

    Janeway then gives Paris a chance to prove himself trustworthy and sends him and Nelix to get the cooling system. Harry Kim volunteers to join the mission and return the favor to Paris, even if he now knows who he is.
    Onboard the Voyager, they are doing everything possible to stabilize the situation. Janeway is in conflict with the crew but refuses to give up her rank.

    A group of unknown aliens land on the hull of the Voyager with the hole of the bridge in sight.
    After seeing many gravity boots, cases, a welding tool and a big board of metal; the Last stranger lands and and it’s seen that they are Cardassians. A very recognizable Cardassian with blonde hair enters the bridge with some others while the rest weld the metal boarding over the hole.

    End of Episode one
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